The Long Commute

coryJanuary 2, 2012

In early January, Bill and I were looking to do a long ski, but close to home.  My original idea was to try to ski from his house to my house, taking the long way around town.  We ended up modifying the route to minimize walking, and it became more like a ski from my office to my house.

I try to ski to work occasionally during the winter, and it takes about an hour each way.  Clearly that wasn’t going to cut it for a “long” ski, so we took inspiration from Tim Kelley  (as usual) and used the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge to connect the two main multi-use trails in town.  We started down the Campbell Creek trail, across the amazingly groomed trail on Campbell Lake, along a snowmobile track on the coastal plain to Kincaid Park, then took the Coastal Trail to the Chester Creek trail, and the Tour trail to Service High School.

A four and a half hour commute home from work – probably not something I can fit in every day!

View our GPS track & stats here.

The Long Commute - IMG_1333.JPG
The Long Commute – IMG_1333.JPG
The Long Commute - IMG_1336.JPG
The Long Commute – IMG_1336.JPG

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