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Sverre CaldwellJanuary 18, 2012

This morning while Paddy and Heather headed up the mountain on the tram, I decided to explore some of the trails around Seefeld. Here is a trail map with a little “you are here” arrow near Buchen. This was 40 minutes into the ski and I was feeling great.
The skiing was perfect..28-30 degrees and sunny…blue and purple hard wax was working well.
About 1 hour into the ski, I came down into this valley. They did not have too many trail maps out and about and I had not really studied where I was going, but it was a perfect day…
I was passing many more skiers than were passing me so life was good.
Not bad views eh?
I got a little side tracked and found myself on top of an alpine ski mountain at about 1:45 into the ski…still no maps, but here are some pictures from the top.

Oh yea… Luckily I had brought two little granola bars with me so I munched one here.
I stopped here for a photo and started to feel a bit tired..this worried me a bit because I didn’t know where I was.
The tracks were great and I got to go on a screaming 3 km downhill.
Finally I found another map (at 2 hours). Hmmmm… I had been through Mosern, Buchen, then up the deadend trail (to the alpine area) towards Leutash and now I was down at the bottom of a long downhill in some little berg…and..I was fading fast. This time I really studied the map and then had a tough ski up and over a ridge and then (thankfully) a mostly downhill ski back to Seefeld.

Here are a couple of things I learned:
When skiing on a 250 km trail system, it is advisable to have a map.
When going out for nearly 3 hours, it is advisable to have food and drink.
Also….a definiton:
BONK: when it is really hard to catch a grandmother who is wearing a pink parka and a backpack. Commonly happens to older skiers who forget that they are older, don’t have food and drink and forget to take a trail map. Best cure seen below 🙂
Luckily, I finished 10 minutes before the athletes arrived and I was able to wolf down some pasta!

Sverre Caldwell

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