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Avatar Sverre CaldwellJanuary 18, 2012

This morning, Paddy and I joined one of the “Cultural Education Program” activities to go on the tram up onto the mountain that rises out of Innsbruck. We’ve been able to see the station up there all week, and were really excited to get to see the view…needless to say, it was fantastic! The goal of the CEP is to get athletes to meet each other doing different activities, and to learn something. This activity, “Mountain Snow and Fun” was mainly for team building, so we built some ice sculptures, did some tandem skiing, and at the end we got to do the “zipflebob”….sledding! But mainly we got to go up into the mountains, and that was really cool!! The International Olympic Committee film crew was up there, and they asked to do an interview with us, so we got in front of the big camera and they asked us some questions about skiing and training and our time here in Innsbruck. It was my first time getting videoed for an interview, so it was pretty exciting!

enjoying the view, and the sun!


This afternoon, we skied around the sprint course for tomorrow, and practiced different parts of it to figure out what will be fastest. The prelim starts at 3:45 our time, so it will be a fun race under the lights if we make the heats!!

sunset from the stadium!
getting ready to go!

thanks to Brooke for the skiing pictures from today!

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Sverre Caldwell

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