HItting the Gym

February 7, 2012

After a busy weekend up in Stowe at the Eastern Cups, we took Monday off to rest and get caught up on homework. This morning we classic skied up at the mountain and did a shorter workout focusing on a lot of technique drills and speed work. After classes we hit the gym for our strength workout and some floor core before dinner. We’ve got two more weeks to dial things in before our last set of Eastern Cups and then it’ll be March before we know it!

Mac and Hamish ham it up for the camera while working on side lunges with resistance bands.

“Woodchoppers” with Paddy & Corky.

Hamish doing one-leg squats.

Tess is a blur on the ski erg!

You can tell everyone is making improvements with their balance and strength: we used to do med ball tosses on solid ground, now we’re doing them while balancing on a dyna disc on one foot.

“Boobar pushups”. Matt’s new move for the weight room.

Mollie working on her core strength.

Med ball squats with Calvin & Mac.


Sver checks in with Gino.

Hamish whipping the medicine ball around.
When planks are too easy…. 🙂

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