Hitting the trails in the Middle east

FasterSkierFebruary 17, 2012

We were real proud of our flag placement right next to the hosts, yep it was blowing hard today.

We’ve been out to the trails twice now. It is 45min-1h on the bus each way. The trails are wide, level, and nicely groomed. They are not super techinical or super difficult in regards to tough steep climbs. They seem to be good “fitness” courses. Bascically they cirmcumvent a smaller hill with climbs up and over the hill from several sides. The area is wide open, no trees, kind of like Soho or Sun Valley. I still have not found turkish coffee, but Uncle Pete tells me it is not actually from Turkey…He is on the case and is doing a little fact checking for me. It might be like when I went to Sweden and never got one meatball. (aren’t swedish meatballs supposed to be famous?)

Coach Pete loading our daily shuttle bus. He now likes to be referred to as Uncle since Grandpa (me) and he like to ski around real slow and take lots of breaks

America has a sweet Bald Eagle but this thing is crazy, not sure if this is a local or national mascot yet. There is a real scary iron statue of it at the University Gates.

Guess who drove 5000k with the team gear?

Some things are very different here, some not. Your typical and quite nice wax set up.

Yep, looks like wax rooms are pretty much the same around the world. We have one room for the techs and race boards and one for the athletes, pretty nice.

New England circuit regular Corey Stock trying some L3 altitiude intervals, testing out what breathing feels like here.

Western boys, Mike Vigers, Vail and Cole Morgan, Sun Valley.

Ok the light was real flat, but this is the top of the course looking across the valley. Those pipes are sweet snow guns that can pivot and hit trails on both sides.

We brought skis, not kayaks hope that is not a problem.

Local military base on the way out of town. Fully stocked with soldiers with machine guns


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