Intervals at Trapps

EvanFebruary 8, 2012
Well we haven’t had much snow at all, but there is plenty at Trapps for good skiing and the weather has been magnificent for several days. We didn’t take much of a break after the weekend, and have gotten right back into training after a day off on Monday.
MK and Heidi did intervals yesterday in preparation for the Dartmouth Carnival held here at Trapps on Friday. They were able to go out on a short cruise while the rest of our crew did intervals today. It was a perfect day for skiing out here: a firm platform makes for fantastic skating.

The interval workout called for two minutes of level three followed by an increase in effort to level four for a second two minutes. The idea is to think hard about the different zones we can access while skiing. 6  repetitions makes for a hard workout, too!

Dev hammers over the flat section: the level three was mostly on gradual uphill, and we worked on overspeed on the fast flats in the level four.

The tourists are out and impressed by Fitzy’s speed.

Dev rounds the corner and the window through the trees shows an alternate route. We’ve been taking a lot of those in the past week: the crust skiing is unbelievable in the woods here between the deciduous trees.

Hans ripped it up today.

Hands high, stoke high.

Hans and Dev did some intervals together and some alone, and Hans noticed it was much easier skiing behind someone. This could be for a number of reasons, including draft, but certainly has a lot to do with allowing yourself to ski smoothly and getting to focus on being more efficient than the person in front.

Dev led this one, and Hans got to lead the next.

Fitzy has a chance to get two solid weeks of training in before her next big race weekend, and made the most of it today with some fast intervals.

 It was a great day to ski and to take photos. The rest of the shots are below!

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