Toko: Thoughts on Birkie Wax

FasterSkierFebruary 24, 2012

The forecast has been stable for the last 5 days: warm up until Friday evening, then 12f overnight and a high of 26f on Saturday.  I am always wary of forecasts where conditions are supposed to change the night before the event as so often the change is delayed or doesn’t happen.


Glide: Were the Birkie today, we would have been on LF Moly, HF Moly, JetStream Red with Red structure.  The tip for the Birkie is still LF Moly, HF Blue, JetStream Blue with Blue structure.  We are standing by this tip so long as the forecast stands.  The blue/blue tip is on the cold side, but it has tested well earlier when conditions should be similar to Saturday and is very dirt resistant and durable.  We have to make ONE recommendation which is challenging.  Were I to have two pair of skis, it would be an easy situation: wax a softer ski with fine structure with the blue/blue recommendation and a slightly stiffer ski with a fine universal/universal structure with the moly/red recommendation.  This would yield good skis in any realistic situation.


Kick: We tested again today and up until 1pm, the best solution was multiple sandwiched layers of Base Green Binder and Nordic Red.  After 1pm, Yellow was needed.  If the forecast holds up, our recommendation of multiple sandwiched layers of Base Green Binder and Nordic Blue will be great.


We will update the recommendation as needed, but for now the recommendation that we have had since Monday morning is still looking good.

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