Spring Series Classic Mass Start

EvanMarch 25, 2012
It was a tough day out there at Spring Series, with slushy snow and rain making kick difficult and glide slow. The skiers in the men’s race looked like they had already skied 15 km after the first 2.5 km lap, and the women’s field strung out almost immediately as well. We battled through the challenging conditions and posted solid results, while learning a lot about how to ski in slush.
Antoine classic skiing!

The men’s lead pack going up the hill in the stadium. This 25 foot wide platform served as the start, the lap lane, and the finish today.

Dylan Grald had a great race, finishing 23rd overall.

Hans is still struggling with a cold, which made today especially difficult. His selection of zero skis also was problematic, as they began to slow down and slick up after two laps out there. We learn from all these races and will be better going forward.

In the meantime, Hans focused on making good strides out there.

Peter Kling says he has never felt so tired: racing for months in Europe will do that to you! Still skied great out there and look for him in the classic sprint on Tuesday.

Dylan leading his teammate Fritz Horst on a wet day.

Pete Hegman and David look a little tired at the midway point. This course and the conditions were as taxing as they come.

Our West Yellowstone bunkmate Sam Tarling had a standout race today, finishing 7th overall.

The girls start out of the stadium.
Heidi and MK cruising in the middle of the pack: the season’s length is starting to wear a little but these girls still battled out there.

The women’s leaders, gapping the field.

MK starting up the last lap.

After today we get a one day break then come back at it Tuesday for what promises to be a lot of fun. Classic sprints on a course that should harden up as temperatures drop dramatically from this false spring we’ve been having! Stay tuned.


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