Super Tour Finals Update

Sverre CaldwellMarch 25, 2012
SMS alums & cousins Anya and Sophie.

We have had the first two races of the Super Tour Finals at Craftsbury. Competiton has been stiff, with a field that is stronger than the one at US Sr. Nationals. Consider the fact that we have 6 women and 5 men here who have scored World Cup points this year!
Midd freshman/SMS alum Heather Mooney is with us this week! 
Craftsbury has done an amazing job at keeping snow on a 2 km loop and the races have been well run and fair. As usual in the spring, it is an advantage to race earlier, so races are seeded fastest to slowest. It is great to see the competitive races and our skiers are doing very well.
Paddy – top junior in the prologue and the classic race with Jack Hegman (3) & Ben Lustgarten (2 – not pictured).  
Yesterday was the 3.2 km freestyle prologue. Simi Hamilton and Jessie Diggins skied to solid victories in their respective races, but then it got tight. SMS was led by Paddy Caldwell in 15th and Anika Miller in 30th. Paddy was the top Jr. and led SMS J1’s to 1,5,6,8 placings. Anika was 3rd J1 behind Corey Stock and Heidi Halvorsen. Results can be found easily on the web, so check them out and look at how strong the competition is.
Izzy – 3rd junior in the classic race with Annie Hart (1) and Corey Stock (2).
Today the males had a 15km classic and the females raced 10 km. Individual winners were Kris Freeman and Sadie Bjornsen. Paddy once again led our group in 20th overall (1:45 ahead of the second place Jr.). Hamish, Tyler, Gino and Calvin placed 5,6,10,14 for J1’s. Brooke Mooney led our girls in 33rd overall. Brooke won the J2 class and would have been 4th for J1’s. Anika, Mollie and Kate all skied solid races and held their technique together in the tough, wet conditions.
Tomorrow we have a “rest” day and then we continue with a classic sprint and a hill climb before ending the season with the long races on Friday and Saturday.

Hats off to Craftsbury for all of the work that they have done. It is amazing that the skiing is as good as it is.

Sverre Caldwell

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