Uphill Run Test & Strength – UPDATED

April 23, 2012
We had four more skiers do the uphill run test today during our morning training block – Paddy, Skyler, Mackenzie, & Brooke.  It was misting and cool – nice weather for running!  Skyler and Mackenzie both set PRs, by 19 and 5 seconds, respectively, which is always awesome to see.  Below are the combined results from Friday and today:

Calvin   12:21
Paddy   12:39
Skyler   12:58
Tyler      13:49
Matt      13:53
Carson  14:02
Gino      14:12
Corky   14:18
Koby    14:23
Hamish  14:35
Mac      15:14
Issy P    15:44
Russell   15:54
Mollie    16:01
Kate      17:14
Mackenzie 17:21
Tess 18:58
Brooke   20:07

Hamish is at the tail end of a head cold and Tess wasn’t feeling well today, so we’ll get those two testing later in the week and add them to the list.
Mackenzie about 1/2 a mile into the run.
Brooke heads for the finish line.  After classes the whole team hit the gym for spinning & strength.
Warming up on the bikes with the snowboard crew.
 Birthday girl Anika working the rollerboard!  
 Mackenzie and Paddy work on woodchoppers together.
 Anika on the glute ham manchine.
 Calvin working on med ball squat throws…
 Tess ripping off some pullups.
 Issy on dips.
 Calvin, Hamish, Paddy, Skyler, Mac, & Tyler.
 Floor core!

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