Bike Ride to Grout Pond

May 8, 2012
 We took advantage of the nice weather yesterday to hop on our bikes for a ride out to Grout Pond, past the town of Stratton.  We’re in for a rainy stretch for the next few days, so we enjoyed the nice summer-like weather on our ride!  Above, Corky & Gino set the pace for the team and rode off the front.
 Mollie & Hamish, all smiles at the top of stair stepper. 
 Sverre drops Paddy & Tyler up the final pitch.
 Paddy & T-bone.
 Anika is a machine on the bike. 
 Riding in a pack: Mollie, Hamish, Issy, Tess, Brooke, & Sverre.
 Issy P.
 Tess & Sverre.
 Matt & Mac.
 Corky & Gino cruising back down to Stratton.
 Hamish & Mollie with Mt. Snow in the background.
 Team Revived Films.
Tess & Brooke.

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