First Day Back at Lot 1

May 21, 2012
Today we had our first trip of the year to Lot 1 where we spent 45 minutes working on a bunch of balance drills – slaloms, two V2, gliding on one ski, etc. – and getting back into the swing of things on skate rollerskis.  It was nice and warm out this morning – it’s felt like summer all weekend!  This afternoon some rain showers rolled in to keep it cool and the team went out for a short run and then hit the gym for strength.  Tomorrow our seniors have their last day of exams and then head off to Rye, NH for their senior trip and three days of surfing and relaxing as a class before graduation on Saturday!  The underclassmen will push on for two more weeks of classes and then their final exams.  Summer is almost here! 
 Corky – focused.  
 Getting instructions from Sver.
 Gino & Issy.
 Paddy, Corky, Mac, & Calvin.
 Mollie & Gino.
 Paddy & Tyler.
 Tyler & Paddy.
Paddy & Calvin. 

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