Combi OD

June 9, 2012
 This morning we had perfect weather (mid 60s & cool) for our combi ski/run/hike OD.  We staggered our group so the boys started first, the old girls started a few K down the road from the boys, and the younger girls a few K down the road from them.  Everyone skied through the town of Stratton and up to Grout Pond, arriving within a few minutes of each other.   We swapped our classic boots for running shoes and then went up and over the backside of Stratton on the AT and then down the alpine trails back to school.   It was great to have Alex and Helena join us for practice!  
 Alex striding into the town of Stratton.  
 Older girls cruising along together – Heather, Mollie, and Anika.
 Tess & Kate.
 Helena and Alex went no poles for 15 minutes to work on their weight shift.  You can see the older girls in the background starting to catch up to them.   
 Heather, Anika, Mollie.
 Sneakers and PowerBars waiting in the van! 
 Tess and Kate catch up to Helena & Alex. 
 The boys arrive a few minutes later – Hamish, Tyler, & Mac.
 Heading off down the IP road towards the AT.  
 Girls at the AT crossing.  
 Heather and Mollie.
 Mac, Hamish, & Tyler. 
 Mollie & Heather on their way down Stratton.
Tess & Kate.
Alex and Helena with Bromley behind them. 

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