L3 Intervals at BMD

June 19, 2012
We headed to BMD this morning for L3 intervals and some technique work.   It was a nice morning for a ski and we had a big group (30 people) doing the workout.  Above, Gus gets the group warmed up with some skate drills.  
 Will leads the group off with the first drill.
 Scott Mooney.
 Megan & Izzy.
 Chloe, Erika, and Brooke. 
 Russell & Ben.
 Tyler with a pack of girls. 
 Erika & Izzy.
 Mae leads the boys. 
 Poppet works with the devo group on technique.  
 Girl talk on the warm up.  : )  
 Tyler gets things rolling with his first L3 interval.
 Sam Tarling and Mikey Sinnott are in town for a few days and pushed the pace with Eric and Skyler.
 Gino leads Koby.
 Mollie & Issy.
 Anya & Megan.
 Mooney siblings.
 Paddy, Tyler, & Austin.
 Levins sisters Keely & Chloe. 
 Mikey, Eric, & Sam.
Cooling down with some no pole skiing. 

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