Run/Hike OD

Sverre CaldwellJune 16, 2012
This morning we had a good group for our Griffith Lake loop run/hike. Most of the group above did the basic 10.8 mile loop, but 5 of them added a side trip to baker Peak and back (4 extra miles).
The Devo group plus some parents hiked up Styles Peak, out to Peru Peak and then came back with the older kids when we met.
Mollie, Issy and Tegan. Tegan, Ana and Neil get the prize for traveling the furthest for the workout as they came from Rochester!
Will and Asa charge to the finish.
Tess with Ana and Russell.
Mae, Mackenzie, Neil and Mary.
The “older” group.
Izzy cleans up her road wounds.
Eric is happy to finish.
Cameron gets the tough guy award. Not only did he choose the longer run, he ran up to the start from his house for a warm up.
Sophie and Kate are ready for some lunch after running 15 miles.

All done.
Thanks to Lilly for taking pictures and to Richard for bringing over the Rochester kids!

Sverre Caldwell

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