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FasterSkierJune 16, 2012

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” –Albert Einstein

In order to continue to improve it is important to make changes.  I am really excited about my training and preparation for the 2012/2013 season.  The last two seasons were good, but my goals in skiing are still much higher and I have several steps to climb. After a lot of thinking, planning and coordinating this year with Caitlin, myself and my coaches we have developed a plan I am really excited about.
I will continue racing with CXC.  Additionally I will be coordinating my individual training and technique with my former high school coach Scott Johnston.  My CXC teammates, coaches, administration and I have worked out the details and are being supportive and understanding in coordinating this partnership.
Our wonderful little house in Minneapolis is all fixed up (for the most part) and will continue to be our home base.  Caitlin and I had a great time working on the house and enjoying a stable schedule throughout the spring.  Last year I felt that i was constantly on the road and on the move, in a new location every 10 days.  I enjoy traveling but the stress this added to my body and training was counter-productive.  This year I will continue to make training camps part of my schedule however the blocks of training will be longer in order to limit travel days.  
For most of the early summer I have returned to my hometown of Winthrop, WA to work with Scott.   I have watched Scott work with a number of athletes over the past few years and am very impressed by their improvements technically and on the result sheet.  
Sam and I working on coordination and power  Photo: Scott Johnston
Scott takes a very scientific approach to training and we have been monitoring our speed and intensity closely through GPS pace, heart rate and lactate.  I am training nearly every day with Scott and Sam Naney (MOD Squad).  With just Sam and I training together our coach to athlete ratio is fantastic and we both get a lot of individual attention.  Scott’s coaching style is very hands on and individual and requires a small group.  For Sam and me, our individual strengths complement well with opportunities for the other to improve.  We are able to push each other and are making notable improvements.  Sam and I grew up together in the Methow Valley and it is great to be training together again.  Although similar the training is different for me and I think today is the first time in four weeks that I have not been sore.  My past training has been good but my body has been getting used to it.  It is fun to be doing something different and shocking the body a bit.
Thankfully I have the best wife in the world who is understanding of me being away for such a long period of time.  She is a smart girl and signed up for a 5 week intensive Human Anatomy course at Normandale College to keep her occupied for the summer.  Regardless I am super excited for Caitlin to come out to WA for our friends Sam and Alison’s wedding next weekend.  
We will return to the Midwest together for a week at home before heading to CXC Training camp at Telemark Resort, WI.  The CXC team is in June Training Camp at Telemark right now and this year marks the first time I have missed a camp since joining the team seven years ago.  I am excited to see my CXC teammates in July.   

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