Short Ride & Undergrad Awards

June 1, 2012
Our spring century ride is scheduled for Sunday, so we did a tune-up ride this afternoon – pumping up the tires, running through the gears, making sure everything is in working order for our ride this weekend.  We kept it on the short side with a big weekend coming up and let everyone hit the showers and change before Undergraduate Awards at 5pm.  Juniors have SATs in the morning, then everyone has one more week of school left and then three days of finals!  It’s a busy time of year, but we’re finishing strong!    
Sverre and Mackenzie.
 Issy & Gino.
 The girls at undergrad awards: Anika, Brooke, Kate, Tess, & Mackenzie.
 Anika & Brooke.
 Jamie Kingsbury (alpine women’s coach) awarding the top 3 teams from yesterday’s obstacle course relay – Mollie was on the winning team with Spencer, Sebastian, and Zach, Tyler was on the 2nd place team with Dan, Lyzee, and Whitney and Kate was on the 3rd place team with Quincy, Kasui, and George.  Pizza and ice cream for these guys next week!  
For nordic awards, Matt started by recognizing our boys team as the top high school team in the country & the whole team for being named the top club in the country. Moving on to individual awards,  Gino received the Achievement Award & Koby got the Most Improved Award for the boys.
For the girls, Katharine received both the Most Improved & the Achievement Award.
Honor Roll for those complete through three quarters – Brooke & Mackenzie (sixth and third from right) made this list!
 Tess (second from left) made the High Honor Roll!  Way to go!

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