Weston D-Pole

Sverre CaldwellJune 28, 2012
With 14 athletes and 2 coaches at Craftsbury for the REG, our group is pretty small this week. 
Today we worked on double pole technique and specific strength. We are working on using the arm swing to pull the body up and forward into a dynamic starting position.
The road north of Weston winds up through a nice valley with 3 options for some good climbing.
More technique.
Megan, Cam and Keely power up Terrible Mtn.
Austin and Tyler.
Mackenzie is starting to figure it out 🙂
After 50 minutes of d-pole, we threw in 10 minutes of single sticking. Goal here is to keep the body in a nice forward position. You can see that Megan (first girl above) has her hips a bit further forward.
Kate powers along. Her shoulders are too tight here, but she made good improvements today.
Smiling Alex.
Zipping back down to Weston.
Calvin isn’t smiling so much because he got lost on his drive and missed the early part of the workout.

Sverre Caldwell

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