Keep On Trucking

Sverre CaldwellJuly 19, 2012
Our summer group is busy and training well. Yesterday morning we did our 2 mile uphill run test and the group looked good.
The lead group at 1 mile; Paddy, Eric, Sam and Skyler. Eric set a solid PR and most of the others were close to their PR’s. 
Tyler usually starts conservatively and then hammers the end so several people decided to follow him. Trouble was, he started really slowly and even though he finished fast, he was 30 seconds off of his PR. Lesson learned for the followers, don’t base your race on just one person, race your own race and use others as gauges.
This morning we skied a 2-2.5 hr d-pole from Londonderry up through Weston.
The boys.
Tyler and Mac.
The older girls.
Some J2’s.
Skyler and friends.
Cruising through Weston.
Coaches transport.
Erika gets her lactate tested after an hour. It was 1.1, shows that she was well under control.
Gino, Paddy, Hamish, Calvin and Austin.
Liz, Keely, Anya and Cam.
Sophie and friends.
Nice day eh?
Heading back.
Chloe, Katharine, Pip, Alex and Helena.

Gino and Calvin relax after the workout.

Sverre Caldwell

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