Skiing, both Roller and Water

Gus KaedingJuly 19, 2012

Last week the SMST2 team headed up to northern VT for a little change of scenery and to spend some time on Lake Champlain with the John Ogden, Barney Hodges and their respective families.

The fellas paced the group via bike.

Sophie, Jessie, Katherine Ogden, and Erika starting what turned out to be a VERY hot ski.

Barney and John hanging right with the big boyz.  A big thanks to our guide Cam (front right)!
Sophie Hodges, clearly winning the smile award on the day.
Water break and laughs with John.
The women working on mimicing each other.

The route was beautiful and very lightly traveled.
Captain Ogden and greenhorns Eric and Andy.  For more waterskiing shots, check out Andy’s blog.
Thanks again to the Ogden and Hodges families!  Great day!

Gus Kaeding

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