Rollerskiing and Shooting at the Range w/Algis

WestonJuly 2, 2012

Our athletes had the opportunity to get an introduction to biathlon this morning as a part of our training at the Range. In partnership with EABC, the National Guard, and USBA, we had Algis Shalna present to give a basic shooting clinic. It was another perfect day for training!

From what I heard and saw, Amy Bruce was the best shooter — hitting 9/10 targets. Ethan Thibault was a close 2nd, hitting 8/10! According to Algis, the girls were better shooters than the boys!

Former Olympian Algis Shalna showing how the scope should center on a target

Alice with Leslie and Autumn following

Ethan and Casey followed by Lukas and Thomas – relay races

Sam, Patrick, Craig, Nathanael and Parker working on the core strength

Charlie Maitland still smiling at the end of training

Claire working on keeping the upper body quiet

Erin leads a group of gals doing no-poles

Ethan doing his best to carry a bowl full of water without sloshing it around

Some of the gals shooting

Paul Smith (L) has the J2 boys stretching!!

Lukas and Casey skating

Murray with Olivia and Martina (BKL’ers) working on balance

Rick and Martina Costanza in the background as Olivia Cuneo shoots

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