"Save the Baby King" and more biathlon

WestonJuly 30, 2012

This past Friday, Coach Erin Mallory lead a bonus workout called “Save the Baby King Adventure Race”. This workout comes from the coaches out at Sun Valley SEF. Fifteen athletes showed up to Colchester high school for an event that is part brains and part brawn! The event included building shelter, searching for food, and a tractor-tire rolling component. From the reviews I heard, everyone had a great time.

Today we were back at the Range for a skate rollerski and more shooting with Algis Shalna, John Madigon, and Lanny and Tracy Barnes. It was a hot day so everybody was happy to take a few minutes respite to shoot. Feedback from our all-star biathlon coaches was that the girls once again out-shot the boys in terms of accuracy! We must have some Annie Oakleys. Thanks to the biathlon coaches for the opportunity. Tracy and Lanny Barnes have been two of the top biathletes in the country for the past 6-8 years. They’ve both raced in World Cups, finishing as high as 15th place! So we are lucky to have that kind of exposure to high-level athletes.

Tomorrow we have another bonus training up in Jeffersonville along Route 109 and Hogback Road. One of the most important factors in ski training (as in life) is consistency. We’ve had a group of 15-20 athletes that are training 3-4 days/week this summer. Now we’re adding some bonus training and the athletes are able to get together as much as 5 days/wk. It is plain to see the forward progress of many of these athletes. While we still have road rash to clean nearly every day, the crew keeps pushing their comfort zone and improving.

On the horizon, we’ve got a big Camel’s Hump hike planned for this coming Saturday, and we are going to have a rollerski and BBQ up in Milton the following Saturday! Stay tuned for more info about the BBQ.

And now, the pictures:

Preparing to save the King

Foraging for food

Louis, Jordan and Leslie on the trails

Griffin and Ethan making shelter

Nordic ski training = the original crossFit !!

That thing looks heavy!

Ethan John assisting Charlie Cobb as he swings across the moat

Emma narrowly escapes the fire-breathing dragons

Charlie, Ethan and Tatum all smiles. Long live the baby King Arthur Flour!

The eventual winners: Sam, Liam and Sienna. Liam is heading to St. Olaf and Sienna is heading to St Lawrence this fall.

And pictures from today:

Abby Grab from the BKL showing good form!
Looking south towards Smugg’s

John and Algis give the safety instructions

Claire working on skate technique

Destyni practicing V2

Alice leads Leslie and Molly

Sienna, Emma, Amy, Autumn and Lucy

Gals get the safety briefing

No-pole skate warmup

Kayla demonstrates great progress in just 6 weeks of rollerskiing

Nathanael and Patrick goofing around, while climbing a big hill

BKL member Olivia Cuneo getting great ankle flex

Coach Paul Allison demonstrates a drill

Lanny Barnes oversees Bill Harmeyer shooting

Nice swimming hole

Will Kay working on his cornering

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