Team SMST2 Dpole test #2

Gus KaedingJuly 10, 2012

This morning the team did our uphill double pole test.  The test starts on a fairly steep uphill then ends on a flatter section which is very important to laying down a fast time.  I didn’t have much time to take pictures and time the test so most of the pictures are from the specific strength workout which followed.

Sophie primed to go

Andy 3:25
Skyler 3:28
Eric 3:40 (on skate skis)
Sophie 4:35
Erika 4:43 (PR and on skate skis)
Eric with a solid gameface.  Others needed some work…
We did this test about a month ago and every single person set (or equalled) their previous time from this spring.  We have mostly been focusing on distance skiing and work in the gym so the team is not necessarily in great “race shape.”  The fact that they lowered their times without much race pace work tells me that they’re getting stronger.  Encouraging results.
The women double poling up a hill with some serious vert
After the test, no one had had enough so we did some specific strength.  Nothing fancy, just dpoling and single poling up two huge hills.
Not much wasted motion here
We’ve been working a lot on core stabilization in the gym and while skiing.  Here Sophie does a good job of using her core to make sure all her energy is distributed efficiently.
Skyler and Eric mixing it up

Gus Kaeding

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