Training Schedule 7/23 – 7/29; Intro to Rollerski Clinic; Pictures

WestonJuly 21, 2012

First, the training plan for the coming week (7/23 – 7/29). This coming week we will focus on speed. We will do a number of workouts that include short periods of work above race pace. This past week we focused on moderate- and high-intensity workouts, which included longer durations near or at race pace.  

Monday 7/23: 8:30-10:30am at the Range. SKATE rollerski + speed and specific strength.
Wednesday 7/25: 8:30-10:30am at CVUHS. Running/bounding + speed and strength.
Thursday 7/26: 5:00-7:00pm at the Range. Classic rollerski + speed.
Friday 7/27: (bonus training!) 9:00-11:00am at Colchester High School. Erin Mallory will lead a workout called “Save the baby king”.
Saturday 7/28: 9:00-11:00am at “Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church” along Spear St in Charlotte, VT. Long classic rollerski.

This morning we rollerskied north of Burlington, with a big group of athletes and parents. All together, we had 23 athletes, 5 parents and the coaching staff! The parents either went running or cycling while we did a classic ski. After a warmup, the crew did a time-trial that was either 3 miles or 4 miles in length. The course profile was mostly gradual climbing.

This is a workout to test fitness and to give everyone an opportunity to get a steady workbout at high intensity. Rollerski speeds can vary greatly (several minutes on a course this long), so it isn’t very effective to compare times against another athlete. As long as everyone pushed hard and stayed safe, then they achieved the main goals. Results are down below…

This afternoon, MNC Coach Rick Costanza (he runs all of our BKL and Masters’ programs) and I led a small Intro to Rollerski clinic at CVUHS. We had just a handful of kids and parents, but it was still a beautiful day to be out. We set up some obstacles and slalom courses and the kids did great.

3-mile course:

  1. Thomas Clayton, 18:05
  2. Louis St-Pierre, 18:05
  3. Kayla Servin, 18:57
  4. Nikolas Baya, 20:30
  5. Nigel Sarrazin, 20:41
  6. Will Solow, 20:45
  7. Lucy Leith, 21:50
  8. Adele Julianelle, 21:54
  9. Alissa Stone, 23:35
  10. Claire Julianelle,  24:01
  11. Ben Longenbach,  24:38
  12. Destyni Travers, 29:15

4-mile course:

  1. Henry Harmeyer, 17:54
  2. Bill Harmeyer, 18:15
  3. Liam John, 18:17
  4. Sam Longenbach, 19:36
  5. Ethan John, 19:52
  6. Ethan Thibault, 20:54
  7. Jordan Lamay, 22:49
  8. Callie Braun, 23:26
  9. Charlie Maitland, 23:28
  10. Molly Larson, 25:16
  11. Tatum Braun, 28:16 
Alissa cooling down

Bill H-Bomb finishing the time-trial

Liam Sam and Bill rolling through the beautiful countryside

Henry and Ethan passing a dairy farm

Ethan T and Jordan on their home-turf

Callie crosses the finish of the 4-mile

Charlie Maitland

Ben L, Nikolas and Nigel cruising home

Thomas leads a train

More farms

Ethan John gritting his teeth

Ethan Thibault through the barbed wire

An appropriate place to finish the time trial: Everest Rd

Gals cooling down

Cruising past some cattle

Nearing the end of the workout

Henry H-Bomb crosses the line

Jordan chasing his shadow

Kayla smiling after the time trial

Liam John finishes

Molly Molly Mollz finishes

Three athletes tried rollerskiing for the first time!

Sam L with good form near the end of the TT

Tatum asked to do the long course!

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