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Eric PackerAugust 1, 2012

Andy and I have been in Ramsau, Austria for the past few days representing SMS T2 at the USST men’s training camp. The skiing has been remarkably good with great spring skiing conditions.  The first few days were overcast, but yesterday the clouds began to clear and today we got some great skiing in the sun.  Here are a bunch of photos from the past two days.

The nordic track up on the Dachstein Glacier at 8500 feet.
Group skiing yesterday above some amazing scenery.  From left to right: Noah, Andy, Eric, and Simi  (Grover photo).
Noah. Two hours in on a three hour ski.
Andy, Noah, and Simi stride it out  (Grover photo).
The glacier today.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.
Because of the high altitude, the focus on the glacier has been easy distance (Grover photo).
Teamwork on a two hour skate.

Andy representing with his SMS T2 suit.
Great spring skiing conditions.

The glacier is accessed via tram.  Skiing in toward the lodge/tram building  (Grover photo).   

Andy and tram.

Trying to keep the hips high and forward.

Perfect synchronicity  (Grover photo).

This afternoon we went out for a one-hour continuous L3-L4 bounding workout down in town.  Noah found an incredibly hilly 6-minute loop at the ski jump complex.  We did 10 laps.
The group early on.  (Grover photo).

Lap 8 or 9.  (Grover photo).

Simi swimming in the pond to cool down after the workout.

 Tomorrow is our last day on the glacier before heading to the ski tunnel in Oberhof.  Thanks for reading!

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Eric Packer

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