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nhoffman1989August 1, 2012

We had an hour and forty five minute skate ski on the glacier this morning. It was another gorgeous day. After the ski we did a little photo shoot. We all tried to ski in synch. It took a couple of tries but we finally got it.

From front to back: Andy Newell, Noah Hoffman, Tad Elliott, Eric Packer, and Simi Hamilton.

This afternoon we did a hard bounding (skiing imitation, more or less running with poles) workout. We had a 6 minute loop with three hills. The first hill is 1:40, the second hill is 35 seconds, and the last hill takes 45 seconds. We bound the hills and run the flats and downs. We did 10 laps.

It was great to have the whole team doing intensity together with me (in white), Eric (next to me), Newell (next to Eric), Tad (in blue), and Simi.

Here is Sim bounding:

This camp has been the best we’ve ever done in training together as a group. It’s been great and I think it’s really beneficial.

Also, today, August 1st, is my 23rd birthday. Monique made me an incredible Oreo cake.

And the restaurant here at the Kobaldhof made me a huge chocolate cake.

U.S. Ski Team coach Jason Cork (left) and Simi were impressed with the cake and the sparkler on top.

Thanks to my teammates and friends for making it a great birthday!

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