Double-Pole Test take 2; Pics from Monday

WestonAugust 15, 2012

We only had about 18 athletes do the double-pole test last week, so today we went back to Richmond and had another opportunity to ski the course before fall sports begin.  I was worried that we might have a small group today — boy was I wrong. I counted 32 or 33 athletes! The boys’ course record (which was set last week) was broke today…twice. We also got in a lot of technique work including 1-pole skiing and no-pole skiing.

At the end of training we had an informal All American certificate presentation. Henry Harmeyer and Ben Hegman were both on the podium at Junior Nationals last March, and they earned All-American status from the United States Ski Association for those performances. I think there will be even more of those in 2013 and beyond.

This past Monday we had about 32 athletes at the Range for a skate rollerski. We’ve really been trying to get a lot of time on rollerskis now that everyone is getting comfortable on them. Thanks again to John Madigon and Algis Shalna for yet another opportunity for these athletes to practice their biathlon skills.

Here are times from the double-pole test today (PR from last year, if applicable):

  • Adele Julianelle, 6:13
  • Alissa Stone, 6:23
  • Tatum Braun, 5:11 **J2 girls’ record
  • Julia Snyder, 5:47
  • Callie Braun, 4:09
  • Sienna Searles, 4:23
  • Ethan Thibault, 4:40
  • Nathanael Kuzio, 3:18 (4:00)
  • Ben Longenbach, 5:18
  • Louis St-Pierre, 3:41
  • Ben Hegman, 2:49 (3:29)
  • Forrest Hamilton, 2:41 (3:05) ** new boys’ course record
  • Sam Longenbach, 3:15 (3:35)
  • Liam John, 3:05 (3:37)
  • Parker Francis, 2:59 (3:48)

Pictures from today are forthcoming. In the meantime, here are some photos from Monday 8/13:

The “Big Gals” group: Cally, Emma, Molly and Sienna “2012 VT State Champ” Searles

Forrest, Bill, Liam and Parker working on specific strength on Monday

Ben, Thomas, and Nik work on drills with Coach Paul Allison

Casey Silk working on weight transfer

Destyni under the watch of Algis

Ethan T., Jordan, and Will Kay – no pole skate drills

The gals warming up with some balance drills

Henry Harmeyer sporting his old-school Oakley Frogskins shades (popular in the early-90’s)

Jordan Lamay

Louis St-Pierre

Coach Eli Enman watches Molly and Sienna doing some speeds

The group does some no-pole skate warmup

Tatum Braun working on balance

Will Kay doing the wide-feet drill

Will Solow working on wide feet and low body position

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