Haig Glacier!

Pate NeumannAugust 24, 2012

The Haig Glacier. One of my favorite spots to come and do some big volume. This week has been pretty spectacular so far. As you can see from the pictures below we have had lots of sunshine, and most recently 20cm of snow. Winter is definitely on its way in the mountains and this mornings fresh snow was a good reminder that racing season is just around the corner!

The Canmore Nordic Ski Team split their athletes into two groups. The first few days were for the younger skiers, and the last half of the week has been for the CNSC Men’s Team. 16 dudes up here in total… that’s a lot of testosterone.

Day 1
I was lucky enough to fly into the glacier after staging on Monday and ski for a glorious 2:30hrs.

Looking down towards Lawson Lake

Day 2
Amazing grooming and bright sunshine all day.
Looking down the valley
Mt Jericho