Caitlin Goes Hog Wild in Seattle

Caitlin GreggAugust 24, 2012

After Leaving Colorado and the CXC Team I traveled to Seattle where I met up with Chad and Alieta. Colorado was a bit of shock to the system as we were staying at training between 9,000 – 10,000ft. I entered the camp one day after my last final and I was a bit fatigued from the late nights of studying and the quick tur around Since it was a Friday and they had to work I “commuted” to work with Chad by running from their apartment in Magnolia to Downtown. Both Chad and Alieta work downtown but they have a fantastic bike path that runs along the water front to get there! After I toured both of their offices I set out for a morning in the City.

It didn’t take me long to find fun places to pose for a photo.

I waked down to Pike Street Market which is quite a sight with all kinds of beautiful  produce, flowers, nick knacks and of course fresh caught FISH!

I saw aome of the largest whole fish I have ever seen. After being landlocked in the Mid-West for so many years it was fun to get back to the coast and it’s awesome perks!
I got to sample a Washington Peach! Wow, it was the most delicious piece of fruit I have ever had!!!

The Methow Valley is just outside of the Skagit Valley where all kinds of fruits are grown, especially apples.

I am looking forward to eating lots of fruit from the local stands around the valley.

Honey good enough for the bees.

Pike Street Market also had lots of entertainment along the sidewalk.

I brought my own banjo along for the trip but I am not going to try and earn a living playing it just yet.


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