SMS Jr Camp Classic Ski/Specific Strength

Sverre CaldwellAugust 17, 2012

 After a good nights sleep, everyone was ready for our classic technique and specific strength workout this morning. We started by splitting into groups and working on technique for 30-40 minutes.

 Tess does the “running” drill and gets into a nice forward position.

 Lizzie does the “shuffle” drill.

 The older girls warm up and work on striding.

 Then…the workout begins… everyone did at least 1 hour of continuous d-pole and single pole skiing.


 Chasing rabbits…

Receiving encouragement.

 Pushing each other.

 Working it…

 Coaching in the sun.


 Single pole…perhaps a bit too much butt wiggling from some here.

 Happy to have done a good workout.

Working hard.

 Roommates hammer on each other.

 yap, yap, yap…

 Almost looks as if the leaves are starting to change.

 Our am workout was followed by a dip at Pikes Falls, then it was back for lunch, a talk from Liz on Goal Setting, some video review and then skate drills.

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Sverre Caldwell

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