The Adventure Continues

FasterSkierAugust 12, 2012
Ships across the ocean.
Ships across the sea.
Captain, Captain.
You can’t catch me!

Ships Across the Ocean is the favorite game of the summer.  After several weeks in the 90F range we have been blessed with some cool weather in Minneapolis which makes playing outside even more fun. My main goal with my project at the Club is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through exercise.  The best kind of exercise is just having fun, where you don’t even realize you are giving your body a good workout.
I came to the Club last week to find about 30 kids sitting in the bleachers with nothing to do.  It has been a busy summer at the Club and we have been short staffed. When I come it means a group can go outside.  Who has the best juke, shakes and moves? 
Who likes roller skiing?

Partnering up to learn to roller ski.  It takes guts to try something new.  Most likely you will start out and not be very good, but the struggle is usually worth it.
What started as one week of Adventure Camp has grown to three separate one week camps for the Boys and Girls Club.  Nice work crew making a good impression. 
At the end of her first day on roller skis Emily made it don the big hill on her own.  I missed the time trial on Thursday morning but I suspect she had one of the top times.  

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