7D Ranch, First Day

Nick KlineSeptember 23, 2012

We woke up at the 7D Ranch on Sunday morning with the MWSC crew.  Having come in late on Saturday night, waking up was our first real look at the scenery.

We took a short morning hike up a nearby mountain to get our bearings.  Heading up the trail:

Will Sweetser and Brendan Cyr from Caribou:

 Building a quick bridge across the Sunlight River:

 Hopping the boundary fence:

Sadie and Marcello underneath one of the more exposed sections:

The whole gang up top:

Sweetser and Ryan Washington (MWSC) Looking out over the 7D Ranch and into the Sunlight Basin:

 One of the themes we’ve been noticing is that people look pretty little compared to everything else out here:

Marcello and one of the (many) horses:

So our first morning at altitude wasn’t so bad after all!  In the afternoon we did some light strength on the ranch.  Sadie on some split leg throws:

Marcello exhibiting some substantial shoulder and core strength:

Welly Ramsey (MWSC) on some Russian Twists:

And… this wasn’t part of the circuit, but it wasn’t bad for forearm strength:

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