Sawtooth Mountain and Long Lake OD

Nick KlineSeptember 23, 2012

We took off for a longer OD on Monday morning up high.  Way up, a loop between 10 and 11k feet.  We chose terrain that was a little bit flatter to avoid the “up and down” effect of mountain climbing workouts.

Sarah Dominick and Emily Ramsey (MWSC):

Sam Pratico from Falmouth, who flew out with the Gould Crew:

Some new shirts came in just before we left!

Sweetser and Welly check out the map:

Will and Sarah enjoying lunch with Sawtooth Mountain in the background (dog attempting to enjoy lunch too):

The crew up top.  Pretty craggy up there:

John and Brendan (MWSC) taking a water break.  Excellent hydration has been an important theme for the past few days:

Sadie and Marcello pose for the camera:

Welly and I took off on a little extra loop for the “big boys:

And, we returned to another incredible dinner at the ranch.  Sweetser says, “all meat is local!”

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