D-pole Test and Speeds

September 7, 2012

This afternoon we did our d-pole test. We try to do this test about once a month to see how everyone is adapting to their training. Although we try to have similar speed skis, there are always faster and slower skis. This does not really matter because we are looking for personal improvement; as long as each person uses the same skis, we are all set.

Our test starts with a pretty good climb followed by a short gradual downgrade and then a gradual up. The course is 1.5 kms long.

Everyone had 30 minutes to warm up, then we sent them out one every 15 seconds.

We seeded them slowest to fastest based on previous times. The goal was to have the slower skiers exposed to the faster skiers as they came by.

It was a perfect day for the test, dry pavement, low 70’s and calm. Since the coaches were timing and videoing, we did not get pictures of the test.

With a large group, it is important to keep the flow safe. Therefore, after the test we moved onto the Sunbowl road (very little traffic) for some speed work.

Nope, those poles of Skylers are not shaped.

We started with 5 uphill d-pole sprints.

Jack and Paddy battle it out.

Koby and Hamish.

Annie and Scott.

Sophie and Erika with a bunch of SMS girls in tow.

They are probably laughing because Katharine asked why they were going so slow :).

Jordan gave Jessie a small lead and then tried chasing her down.

Is that what you call a 6-pack?

Jack got to experience pure power when he went with Skyler.



Scott giving full effort.

Tess getting tough.

We then did 5  uphill striding sprints. The goal was to start off, throw in a couple of quick running steps to get the weight forward and then stride to the end.

Here Annie shows a nice high, forward position.

Ana gets after it.
Oh yeah..times… we had 23 skiers and had 20 PR’s… good day :). Don’t forget, ski speeds vary.
Skyler  3:15 (new course record)
Eric 3:28
Hamish 3:47
Jordan 3:49
Jack 3:50
Koby 4:00
Paddy 4:05
Gino 4:08
Calvin 4:10
Scott 5:25

Jessie 4:16 (new girls record)
Sophie 4:18
Annie 4:23
Erika 4:39
Katharine 4:58
Brooke 5:01
Mackenzie 5:09
Ana 5:20
Pippin 5:33
Tegan 5:37
Tess 5:45
Alex 5:54
Kate 6:05

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