Pizza and Pasta Party

Noah HoffmanSeptember 30, 2012

We fired up the pizza oven tonight.

Jason Cork also made some outstanding homemade pasta. Here he is working on it with Jessie Diggins:

I was the head pizza cook. I only burnt 2 of the 20 pizzas and calzones. I could do better.

We had some great food.

Luke Adams, whom I live with, enjoyed it:

Lindsey Adams, Luke’s sister, and Jessie made some delicious cupcakes.

We had a fun crew.

From left to right: Jessie, Monique Siegel, Liz Stephen, Lindsey and Jason.

We ended up with 13 leftover pizzas and calzones. Awesome!

For training this morning I did 8 by 4 minute double pole intensity. Jason Cork supported the workout. This afternoon I skate roller skied for two and a half hours. Here’s some video of the morning session:

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