Training Update from the Methow Valley

Caitlin GreggSeptember 30, 2012
Brian and I
Brian and I were invited to come and train with the MOD Squad earlier this spring. I was waist deep in school and work obligations so I decided that I would let Brian head to the mountains to work with Scott Johnston (the coach of MOD), Sam Naney and Maya Seckinger, while I stayed back home for the summer.. After hearing the incredible stories about training in the Methow and the positive feedback from Brian about working with Scott, I decided to venture out West after my  CXC camp in Telluride, CO to work with the MOD training group.
Brian, Sam and I about to start training up Falls Creek Road

I have been here working with Scott on my training and technique for almost 6 weeks. I have seen huge gains in the short time I have been here.  Working daily and so closely with such a great team and a passionate coach.  My workouts have been tailored for me, reflecting a later start to my training season, but the technique workouts have been relentless and exhausting. Scott has an incredible ability to not only identify technique shortcomings, but also communicate them to the athletes he works with, and enable the athletes to fix their inefficiencies quickly. I have always been told that my skate technique was good…Scott didn’t think so!, which is great because I am now faster simply by skiing more efficiently! We work together as a Team on almost a daily basis where each session, no matter what the workout is, emphasizes proper technique. Working so much on technique can be both mentally and physically demanding but the payoffs have been evident in my intervals times and lactates values decreasing.

Brian working on core strength
Double Pole Strength

Life in the Methow is wonderful. The training here is second to none! Prior to this trip I have only been to the Methow in short bursts during the winter, where the 200K of groomed trails welcomed me before the 2010 Olympics and no doubt enabled me to qualify for them.  I returned in the spring to get MARRIED but the mountains were still covered in snow. There are countless miles of running trails on fantastic terrain and with beautiful vistas. The roller-skiing is fantastic and after 13 years in the Midwest I am loving change up of terrain. We can ski up to 3 hours all uphill and gain 5,000ft of elevation in one run.

Brian running on the Pacific Crest Trail near Granite Pass
Climbing my first mountain in the Pacific Northwest

Getting Strong

Last year Brian and I were so busy with work, clinics, lessons and CXC events that we didn’t have a weekend off from July first until we got to West Yellowstone. This year I am taking a different approach, after a jam packed summer I am taking the fall off from work and enjoying the lifestyle as a full-time elite athlete. I have been sleeping, recovering (more sleeping) and eating better than ever before and I hope to enter the season fresher and healthier because of it.

Here is a sweet video of the terrain and trails that we train on!  The video will play on the Methow Grist website.

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