August in Pictures

Pate NeumannOctober 7, 2012

August has come and gone… actually… so has September too. What that means is this blog post about August has been sitting on my computer for the last month, just waiting to be finished and posted. Usually things get better with age, I am afraid that my blog postings are not one of those things. As time goes by, I forget the little details and it is harder to retract them from deep inside my brain. Pictures however, can tell a story all on their own. This is what my blogging has come too, pictures with some words in between to fill the gaps and transition one photo to another. Good writers are able to paint pictures with words, I however opt to paint words with pictures!

August was a good month. The Canmore team went up to the Haig for an spectacular week of skiing (I posted about that earlier). Once I got down from the Haig I had a rest week and my grandparents came out to visit from Ontario. We had a great week of touring Canmore, exploring Lake O’Hara and relaxing at Nipika. It was a busy week, jam packed full with the best of the Bow Valley.

Emma and I out for a run at Lake O’Hara

While we were out running, my grandparents hung out down by the lake, catching up on their reading and vitamin D.

My grandmother and me

Getting ready for Movember

Next it was off to Nipika for two nights. Nipika has turned into one of my favorite places to go and relax. The few days we spent there involved some mountain biking, reading, fishing and lots of sleeping.

The land features at Nipika are spectacular!

Below are some wise words from some wise people. If you go into one of the warming cabins at Nipika you will be surrounded be quotes of deep thought and meaning…

Fun river crossing on an afternoon ride.

Breakfast of Champions!


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