BBA Running Race

October 9, 2012

This afternoon we took everyone down to Burr and Burton for a running race against MAU, BBA, Long Trail and Arlington.
Above, Matt leads the boys in their warm-up.

With the addition of a couple of alpine skiers ( Francesca and Anne G) we had an 11 person girls team!

Jack was our top dog finishing 2nd overall.

Hamish seems to have bigger arms than this guy from MAU. Both ran well, with Hamish finishing 8th overall, 4 seconds out of 6th.

Koby was close behind Hamish in 9th.

Tyler is coming back from mono and ran a good steady race, finishing 13th, with Scott close behind in 16th.

Our girls were bolstered by their alpine team-mates and dominated the race. Mollie, Katharine and Tegan went 1,2,3.

Mackenzie ran by far her best race of the year and finished 5th.

Anne and Fran zipped around the course in fine styla and ended 14th and 9th respectively.

Tess leads team-mates Alex, Ana, Pippin and Brooke . Alex hammered the last 1/2 of the race and ended 11th, while the others all placed in the top 17. Usually when you place 1,2,3,5 and have 11 in the top 17, you win the team score :).

Mollie ran very well and won by 41 seconds.
Good job by EVERYONE!

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