NNF’s $50,000 Junior Racer Challenge Grant

FasterSkierOctober 9, 2012


A forward thinking member of our ski community has pledged a $50,000 challenge to the nation’s junior and U23 racers. Through this challenge the donor will match $5 (up to $50,000) for every $1 raised by skiers racing U23 or younger during the 2012/13 season who have qualified for NNF funded trip/camps but are not yet USST members.

“The NNF has created this tremendous platform which is rapidly helping the U.S. become a Nordic nation. These racers are the immediate beneficiaries of the NNF’s work and they need to be actively involved in its continued growth and success. Right now, a few are doing a lot for the benefit of many. We now need all benefiting athletes to step up and share the work as they will share the reward. Time to support the NNF, as the NNF is set to support you.”

This means NEG/NTG, J2 National Camp, J1 Scando Cup, JR/U23 World Championship athletes! Over 165 athletes in just the last couple of years have participated in these NNF funded trips. If each of these 165 benefiting juniors would create their ambassador page and get 10 people to donate $25 we would raise $41,250.

Here is what these athletes need to do.

1. Go to http://grouprev.com/signup/nnfdrivexc and create your Drive for 25 Ambassador page. Instructions will be on the website.

2. Get as many people as you can to donate $25 or more to your NNF Drive for 25 page from now until November 15th It is critical that the donations go through your page! If we cannot track the donation to you, our Junior/U23 Ambassadors the match does not happen. Furthermore, ask your donors to make a comment that you asked them to donate. If somehow they do not donate through your page we can track the donation to you.

Our goal at the NNF is to make these trips funded so that no athlete has to decline an opportunity because they cannot afford it. Your participation in the Drive for 25 can make that a reality. Every $1 you raise the NNF will receive an additional $5.

In addition:

  • Every Ambassador racing U23 or under that raises $100 will receive a U23 Ambassador only buff by Podiumwear.
  • All Ambassadors over 23 to raise $250 will receive an Ambassador only buff by Mt.Borah
  • There will also be some sweet prizes for top Junior, U23, and 23+ Ambassadors from our supporters in the ski industry.
  • If you have any questions contact us at nationalnordicfoundation@gmail.com

Here is what the Nordic Community can do.

1. Ask the junior racers you know about the NNF and the $50,000 Junior Racer Challenge Grant.

2. Tell them that if they start their own Drive for 25 Ambassador page you will donate to it.

3. Donate

4. Tell a friend to do the same.

5. Repeat


It is time to support the NNF.  The NNF is set to support you.


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