Chilly Rollerskiing

October 9, 2012
Fall is definitely here and colder weather is on the way.  We even had snow at the top of Stratton this week (see below from the Stratton Facebook page) – hopefully it makes its way down to our elevation by the end of the month!  
Yesterday we skate skied in the morning at Lot 1 and did a bunch of practice starts, trips through the slalom course, and some technique work.  In the afternoon we switched to classic skis and did an easy double pole from school.  Today we head down to BBA in Manchester for a cross country meet for both our boys and girls.
 Getting organized at the start of practice.
 Making some adjustments.  
 Hamish, Jack, Koby.
 Ana, Scott, Tegan, Katharine.
 Mackenzie & Tess.
Mollie & T-bone.
 Kate, skiing no-pole.
 Two-on-one technique help!
A few drills to finish up practice.  

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