Fields Sets New Uphill Record

Sverre CaldwellOctober 7, 2012

We ran our uphill run test on Friday and Jordan Fields flew up the 2 mile climb in a new course record of 11:57. Katharine and Tegan led the girls setting strong PR’s and finishing together.
We run the test every 4-5 weeks to see how everyones training is progressing. Each individuals time is just a snap shot, but it can provide useful imformation. As  coaches, we try to look at all of the different factors and use the time trial information to help us individualize each athletes training. It is always nice to see PR’s, but we can learn just as much from a test that does not go well.
Here are some considerations; We had a monster training week the week before, some of the skiers may not be totally recovered from that. The girls have jumped in some running races so they have done a bit more foot intensity than the boys. There has been a cold going around so 1-2 kids are not 100% and several kids are not running. etc…
Here are a couple of “take aways”. The boys have really stepped up training this fall and the top skiers are responding very well. The ones with less training background may need a little more recovery to benefit from all of the training. 4 of the 6 girls who ran improved a lot, their progression looks good. The other two have been tired and their run showed it, they probably need more rest and/or sleep.

So..enough jabbering… here are the times:
Jordan  11:57
Paddy  12:20
Gino  12:26
Jack  13:05
Hamish 13:28
Calvin 13:58
Koby 14:03
Tyler 14:26
Scott 14:41
William  16:35

Tegan 15:48
Katharine 15:48
Tess 16:50
Ana 18:26
Pippin 18:38
Alex  19:34

Good going everyone!

Sverre Caldwell

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