Happy Halloween! Uphill Run & Dance Pics

October 31, 2012
Happy Halloween!  We made it through Hurricane Sandy unscathed – the school never lost power and we’ve only had to endure a few days of rain and wind.  We planned to take this week easy to rest up for Nationals week coming up, so the bad weather and an extra off day coincided nicely for the team at the beginning of the week.  This morning we did the uphill run test to “wake up” for next week and get a harder effort in.  Results are below.  Congratulations to Alex Cobb who set the biggest PR today – 54 seconds faster!  Nice going!   First time is 1 mile split, second time is total time.  
Gino    6:32   12:31
Tyler   6:59    12:59
Hamish  7:06    13:36
Calvin    7:06     14:01
Koby     7:34     14:09
Scott   7:50    14:43
Katharine    8:27    15:40
Kate   8:41    16:16
Tegan  9:05    17:04
Alex    9:22    17:22
Kenz    9:16   17:35
Brooke  9:45   17:48
Pip  9:36   18:08
If you’re curious to see how your time stacks up against your previous times, check out the full list here
Check out video footage from today’s run: 
Yesterday everyone in the school carved pumpkins with their advisory groups after school, followed by the Halloween dance after dinner.  More pictures from that below! 
 Jack, Katharine, & Scott.
 Mrs. Rose, Leah, Whitney, & Mackenzie.
Tegan, Anne, Michelle, & Emily.  
 Koby, Thomas, Profe, & Ana.
 Dance photos!  Fran, Ana, Emma, and Anne.
 Maddy, Brooke, Alex, and Mackenzie.
 Katharine & Pippin.
 Mikayla, Emily, Mackenzie, & Michelle.  
Kate & Matt.

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