Transition to Ski Strength!

Jeremy BlazarOctober 31, 2012


Last week we crushed it on the rolling hills of western Maine. This week we are doing some focus on ski specific strength. Tuesday we introduced a new circuit that we’re hoping will boost balance, agility, mobility and strength. Med balls, box jumps and the always popular power slide joined our newly¬†acquired balance beams. Backwards and forwards, eyes closed, on the balance beam…it’s harder than you think!

Coach Kline decided to do show us his own gold medal balance beam  routine:

Balance Beam Action


Today we headed out for some classic technique and specific strength. Former Gould coach Dick Taylor tagged along today too. He is a great resource to have here in Bethel. Ashton and Sadie definitely benefited from Dick dropping by today:

Dick, Ashton and Sadie

The ‘Cello working some spooky strong double pole strength on Halloween:

Video of today’s double poling staring Coach Blazar, Marcello, and First Year Phenom we like to call Caleb:

Classic10-31 from Gould Nordic on Vimeo.

Look for another video of the Lobster Roll on Sunday. Sadie, Marcello, Ashton and Trent will all be duking it out with the best skiers Maine has to offer!