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Avatar Brian GreggOctober 2, 2012

By Brian Gregg

Fall training in the Methow has been fantastic. After traveling around so much the last few years in the Fall we decided to stay in one spot for as long as possible and focus simply on training.  I have always worked part-time throughout the year and the advantage of being able to come home and take a nap and get off my feet during the middle of the day has been huge.

For a long time I have had a great deal of respect for Scott Johnston and MOD on their ability to transform and improve technique.  The last few years I have joined MOD for an ‘extra-credit’ type camp in Bend, Oregon during the spring.  This year I have made the commitment to be in the Methow for some big chunks of the Fall and Spring.

The ‘Gaude Grade’ has become a staple in our training routine this year.  The road is really just a 270 m driveway up to the gravel pit, but it is real steep.  Not to mention it is probably the smoothest asphalt in  the valley.  As we near our racing season our strength is becoming very specific as we force ourselves to stride rather than run up the ol’ Gaude Grade.
After warming up and a few speeds on our roller skis we head to the gym for some more traditional strength.  Our strength routine consists of Power strength with super sets immediately after.  After weighted pull ups we head outside to the ladder.
Scott outlining Caitlin on the goal of the workout and spotting her
Improving efficiency has been a heavy focus for both of us this last year.  Scott and I spoke after the hill climb last year at Super Tour Finals.  I finished second which we felt proved that I was fit, yet my inefficiencies on the flats kept me out of the top 10 in many of the other races.  Scott is with us in nearly every single session to provide support and feedback.  Almost every session we have involves a ‘coaching’ moment where having Scott there has led to an improvement.  Scott donates all of his time and we couldn’t thank him enough.  We review the video on the spot to make changes between intervals.

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Brian Gregg

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