Roller Skiing, Bowling and Hurricanes

Noah HoffmanOctober 30, 2012

I classic roller skied for two hours this morning up the beautiful Castle Creek Valley. To my pleasant surprise, they repaved the entire 12 mile length of the road since I last skied it.

I tend to talk about how great my home is way too much, but I really do enjoy being back. And it is one my favorite places of all the places I have been.

However, it is hard for me to go anywhere around here without seeing somebody I know. It makes for some unproductive days. Also, I struggle mightily to remember people’s names.

After a run and strength session this afternoon, I went to dinner at my good friend Zeke Tiernan and family’s house. Zeke is a world class ultra marathon runner. He finished 6th at the Western States 100 this summer in a blazing fast 15 hours and 58 minutes. It was great to see Zeke, his wife Molly and his super cute 2 year old daughter Jude.

After dinner I went bowling with two other friends.

Above is Barton Tofany throwing a strike.

My third game was the best:


Lastly, my friend, Emily Osgood, who lives in New York City filmed this clip of the Hudson River this afternoon as Hurricane Sandy rolled through. Crazy!

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