European Adventures and the Start of the Season


I am glad to say I have been very busy since the last time I posted on this site. At the end of October our team went to Europe for the last time before the start of the season. This camp was a little different, it had a exciting side to it, as I had to wear a Captain America suit for the whole trip, Arrival to Departure.

The last camp our team went on was a great success. The National training group joined us for the 10 day trip. It was very great to have them on the camp, as they look up to our team and hope to be on the team one day. As our team was a lot of fun and jokes, we were very serious with the jumping and XC skiing. As the season was not far away then, it was time to put the finishing touches on most of the summer training.

Now I am back in park city, as we prepare for take off on Saturday. While I was back in town, we had physical testing on the treadmill. I was very happy with my performances on the VO2 test and recorded a Vo2 max of 80 which is a very solid number. What this reflects is how the summer of training has gone, and also my living situation and lifestyle. I feel as though I am in the best shape  and will only get better later in the winter.

Now winter has finally hit Park City and we are on snow all over town with great conditions. It has been cold enough that the Olympic Park hasn’t stopped making snow for several days and we should be on snow very soon! As we leave on the 17th for Lillehammer, Norway, We hope to get several sessions on the jump hill to get comfortable. After that we will step on the plane and start the 2012/2013 World Cup Season!

Lastly, I ask you to help us out. The NNF fundraising efforts are on their final, and we could still use your help. So if you can please go to and help me in OUR cause to fund our team and future Nordic Combined Athletes!

Stay tuned!