Woodski Announces New LX Skate Roller Ski

Woodski, Inc.April 19, 2013

Woodskis rollerskis

Woodski LX Skate Ski

Woodski is proud to announce their new LX skate roller ski. With the comfort of a composite shaft combined with the XL brake at a price point sure to attract lots of attention, this ski is already in use by the likes of Erik Bjornsen, USST and winner of the SuperTour finals, and Reese Hanneman, World Cup skier. Here’s what they have to say about this great new ski:

Erik Bjornsen:

“I couldn’t believe how good the Woodskis felt the first time I tried them; they felt so smooth and solid.”

“Looking forward to the U23 World Championships in Val di Fiemme next season, there are some huge hills on those courses, and using the Woodski brakes this summer will open up so much more terrain for me. I will be able to safely train on hills in on roads that were not safe without the use of these brakes.”

Reese Hanneman:

“The Woodskis are an awesome training tool. One of the sweetest things about them is how great they feel when you are skiing on them, and their simplicity and sturdiness. I want rollerskis that feel like snow, and that I can be confident aren’t going to break underneath me.”

“Being able to buy a rollerski of this quality and with this kind of damp, on-snow feel for this price is incredible! Woodski focuses on the points that matter, like durability, feel, weight, brakes, and fenders, and delivers it all at an awesome price point.”

More details at www.woodrollerski.com.

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Woodski, Inc.

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