Everything at Woodski is on sale until 12/24 – 10% off everything in the shop! Order it all and use the coupon code “winterholiday2014” to get the discount! Now is a great time to experience the amazing foot clamp (works on lots of other tables too!) or go all the way to the New World Wax table. From all of us here – happy holidays and great skiing!

Woodski has released the best ski clamp on the planet – the new foot clamp is here and ready to take on the world!  Combined with the New World Wax table waxers will reach a new level of efficiency and ease in waxing. The foot clamp uses a pedal to release the spring loaded clamp allowing for two handed handling of the skis.  Klistered skis, new unmounted skis, wide bindings are all easy to handle...

Q & A: Your Rollerski Questions Answered

You asked, we answered! Welcome back to another installment of our Question and Answer series. This time around, the owners of Woodski, Inc. shed some insight on rollerski speed and off-road models. Got questions of your own? Email RollerSkiShop.com, wrote in an email his company doesn’t carry off-road rollerskis, but listed some pros and cons: “Pros: Can roll over bigger stuff for smoother ride, go on gravel and crushed limestone opening up more routes. Cons: Bulky,...

Order any roller skis and get the diamond file and two sets of road ferrules free!  That is a savings of at least 20%!  This sale only lasts until August 10th – order now! New World Table Sale!  Preorder the table and any accessories and get 10% off.  Contact Woodski for details!  

Woodski Releases New Classic Roller Ski

Woodski announces the release of the new CT classic roller ski – the first of its kind with tracking adjusters. A simple, precise adjuster on the front wheel allows for simple tracking control as wheels wear. The CT comes with the XL brake (integral on all Woodski roller skis), a choice of wheel speed, and a lifetime warrantee on shafts. Woodski has also introduced ski carrying bags. See all the details at their website