Woodski’s New Foot Clamp

Woodski, Inc.October 8, 2013
Woodski's new foot clamp
Woodski’s new foot clamp

Woodski has released the best ski clamp on the planet – the new foot clamp is here and ready to take on the world!  Combined with the New World Wax table waxers will reach a new level of efficiency and ease in waxing.

The foot clamp uses a pedal to release the spring loaded clamp allowing for two handed handling of the skis.  Klistered skis, new unmounted skis, wide bindings are all easy to handle with the new clamp.

Here’s what wax guru Zach Caldwell has this to say about the new clamp:

“I’m totally spoiled by the foot-activated pneumatic vice in our shop. When I’ve been working a lot I tend to stamp on the floor everywhere I go, expecting doors to open, faucets to turn on, etc. Now I’ll be able to keep the foot-stamping signal strong when I do ski service on the road. The world’s best waxing table just got WAY better!”

For more details, visit www.woodrollerski.com. Patent pending.

Woodski foot clamp. Patent pending.
Woodski foot clamp (Patent pending)

Woodski, Inc.

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