7 Things You Didn’t Know About Noah Hoffman

BrainspiralDecember 3, 2013
Noah Hoffman (USA) climbing to the high point of the 15 k freestyle course on Wednesday at World Championships, where he finished a career-best 15th overall.
U.S. Ski Team member Noah Hoffman climbing during the 15 k freestyle individual start at 2013 World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy, where he finished a career-best 15th. On Sunday at the 2013/2014 World Cup opener in Kuusamo, Finland, Hoffman had the race of his life with the fastest 15 k pursuit time for ninth overall.

Continuing with our series on pointless knowledge about professional North American racers, we bring you some insight on Noah Hoffman, who posted the fastest 15 k freestyle pursuit time on the opening World Cup in Kuusamo, Finland. Das Hoff. 

Athlete: Noah Hoffman

Team: U.S. Ski Team (sixth season); Ski & Snowboard Club Vail/Team HomeGrown

Age: 24

Hometown: Aspen, Colo.

7 Things:

Noah Hoffman enjoys a homemade raw-egg smoothie during a recent family vacation in Utah. (Courtesy photo)
Noah Hoffman enjoying a homemade raw-egg smoothie. (Courtesy photo)
  1. I can’t stand olives.
  2. I want to live in a big city, maybe Manhattan. I want to live somewhere that I don’t have to own a car.
  3. I love taking public transit.
  4. I have unusually large hands.
  5. My pinkie finger on my right hand has an extra crease so it looks like I have an extra knuckle.
  6. I have extremely wide and flat feet. Duck feet.
  7. I eat raw meat and raw eggs.

Bonus Round:

  • What do you miss most while on the road (besides family and friends)? Good Mexican food, free water and fast internet.
  • Best part about being a pro athlete: Meeting lots of motivated and successful people.
  • 3 travel essentials: Computer, hot sauce, book
  • Go-to travel meal or food: In the U.S.: Burrito or sandwich. In Europe: Whatever has the most calories for the least amount of money
  • Song that you could listen to non-stop: “Old Man” by Neil Young
  • Song you wouldn’t mind never hearing again: “What Does the Fox Say”


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